Monday, April 26, 2010

What to expect at the Princess Festival!

A special thanks to Megan, who shared her blog post from last year's Princess Festival with us:

Wow. I have to say it again. Wow. The event organizers did an outstanding job for this little event. We were lucky to attend this today without it raining on us. Jocelyn went to bed last night "so excited" that we were coming today. She slept in her curlers and ate her breakfast quickly so we could "get beautiful."

After a drive over to Lindon and following Yahoo maps, we got there in plenty of time to wander around, watching vendors set up, admiring statuary, flowers, playgrounds and being intoxicated by the smell of masses of honeysuckle in full bloom. As nine o'clock neared, the costumed volunteers began coming out in droves and the littlest guests showed up at MST (Mormon Standard Time) about 9:10 a.m. The bell clanged at 9:20 a.m., our guide, the Blue Fairy arrived and then we were off on our adventure!

Our group of Princesses.

The Blue Fairy explained that the girls need to save a variety of princesses and as they did so, they would earn one of five traits of being a True Princess: Knowledge, Love, Courage, Grace and Enchantment.

The adventure started in Snow White's cottage. The witch showed up with an apple for her. The little princesses urged her not to eat the apple. After saving Snow White, we walked outside to find Rapunzel calling from her tower, asking for help. She let her hair down, but the Prince still couldn't reach to rescue her. We went into the castle where we met Belle and the Beast. Watch Jocelyn when I ask her if she wants to help love the Beast to turn him back into a Prince. Priceless!

The girls went upstairs to the tower to release Rapunzel and were introduced to Cinderella and her stepsisters while on the balconies. Cinderella rushed off to do chores and we followed Rapunzel to the main level.

Once Rapunzel was rescued from her tower, she helped teach the girls to dance. (This turned out to be Jocelyn's favorite part and now Rapunzel is one of her "favorite Princesses.")

Upon leaving the castle, we followed the Prince to where Sleeping Beauty lay. The girls thought if they shook the bed it would wake her up. Then our Blue Fairy hinted that maybe the Prince needed to give her a kiss. Look at Jocelyn's face when Princess Aurora woke up!

By now, the wicked fairy (who was the fairy guide's college room mate at Fairy School) was quite put out that the girls kept ruining her plans and freeing the Princesses. There was a duel. The girls held hands and helped turn the mean fairy witch into a nice one again.

Then it was time for The Ball. The couples were each introduced and danced for us. The video below is when Prince Charming came in looking for the girl in the glass slipper.

Again, this is the cutest thing ever. We haven't done Disneyland since Jocelyn was 18 months old, so I can't compare their Princess events to this, but this was truly adorable. I am so glad the money raised goes to help the peoples of Africa and impoverished nations. We will totally do this again next year.

Jocelyn did crafts, met Tinkerbell, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, ate scones and each little girl was generously gifted a real pearl necklace from Lia Sophia Jewelry. It was a wonderful outing. Every adult and teen there were gracious, sweet, and tried to address each little girl. Everywhere we went, she was received with her title of "Princess Jocelyn" to her absolute delight! The organizers tried to think of everything and pulled off an adorable memory for my little Princess. Maybe next year we can get tickets for the Daddy/daughter ball at the end of the festival on Saturday night. It has to be to die for cute!

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