Sunday, April 4, 2010

Princess Festival website/registration up in a few weeks

Hi Everyone! Just posting a quick note to say that the Princess Festival website is finishing development right now. A totally new look/feel will be up in a week or two and you can begin registering for the 2010 Princess Festival (hooray!).

The game is still up on the website right now though, so check it out - little Princesses love it. Just two days ago I was visiting with a family that had a 6 year-old little girl, Maddie. I showed Maddie the Princess Festival games. She was hooked! There were one or two of the games that were too hard for her, but she enjoyed watching ME play them as much as playing them herself. Before I left, she made sure to learn how to spell "FESTIVAL" so she could find the website again. Cute!

Can't wait - this year is going to be a BLAST!

Holly Sue Hatfield
Executive Director, In Our Own Quiet Way

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