Thursday, May 13, 2010

Come volunteer for the Princess Festival!!

Who wants to have fun this summer?!?!? We need volunteers to help put on the 2010 Princess Festival. It's seriously a blast, plus it's an excuse to wear a fancy dress and hang out with the girls all day, right?

The Festival is being held June 14th-26th in Lindon, UT. Volunteers are needed for the following roles:

  • Tour guides
  • Parking attendants
  • Registration
  • Candy/T-shirt sales
  • Meal prep and ground maintenance
  • Princes and foot measurers

So if you'd like to volunteer (or know someone who would - please forward this email) there's one important thing we need you to do: attend a volunteer meeting.

The volunteer meeting is being held both May 19th at 7pm and May 22nd at 11am - you only need to attend one of these meetings. They are being held at Hatfieldadelphia, home of the Princess Festival (110 S. Main St., Lindon, UT). You'll get ALLLLL of the info you need at these meetings, so please come! We have about 500 slots to fill, so forward this email to everyone you know, and bring all of your friends.

Please fill out this volunteer form ASAP:

Here're the basics:

  • Volunteers work in 4 to 5 hours shifts during the Festival.
  • We ask that you volunteer for a minimum of 3 shifts total.
  • Volunteers are asked to bring their own meals and drinks, and come dressed in their own prince/princess/fairytale attire.
  • All volunteers need to be over the age of 18, unless they are volunteering in conjunction with an adult/guardian.
  • Volunteers can be male or female.
  • Volunteers who work a minimum of 3 shifts will get one free admission to the Princess Festival.

If you have any questions or concerns, you'll want to email Haley Huish - she's the volunteer coordinator. I'm just writing the email to y'all because I'm REALLY good at writing emails :) He he. Anyways, Haley's email is super easy:

Remember, by volunteering, you're not only going to be a part of a wonderful experience for little girls, you're making possible a fundraiser that will impact thousands of lives in Kenya. Who wouldn't want to put in a few hours of fun for such a great cause, right?

Happy summer to all! We'll see you in a few weeks at the meeting, right? SAY YES!! :)

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  1. I'd like to audition for a part in the princess festival next year, but it says on the facebook group that you have to be 16 to audition. I won't turn 16 until late July, so would I still be able to audition?